Igualeja - - National Park Malaga

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Perched on the slopes
of the mountains
Igualeja is  in the west of the national park in the Valle del Genal. It is part of the comarca of Serranía de Ronda. The municipality is situated approximately 20 kilometers from Ronda and 142 kilometres from the city of Málaga and has a population of approximately 1,000 residents.
The town of Igualeja is located between the Serranía de Ronda and Sierra Bermeja, on steep terrain, with beautiful landscapes and plenty of water.
The source of the Genal river is located at the entrance of the municipality, on the left bank.
The streets of Igualeja have to overcome large slopes, hence, there are considerable differences in altitude between some neighbourhoods and others. The houses are made of stone, whitewashed, forming an interesting urban layout of narrow and winding streets.
It is worth stopping to see the parish church of Santa Rosa, built at the beginning of the 16th century by order of the Archbishop of Seville, Diego de Deza.
Igualeja is part of the Route of Fray Leopoldo, which runs through the Serrania de Ronda - Leopoldo was a priest beatified in 2010 for his kindness towards deprived persons.
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