Guaro - in the foothills - National Park Malaga

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Famous for Fiestas

Escudo de Guaro
Guaro is at an altitude of 354 metres above sea level near the Sierra de Mijas. The land area is 22 square kilometres. Guaro's main economical activities are olive and almond agriculture, along with other traditional irrigated crops.
The origin of Guaro dates back to the Bronze Age. Whilst there are traces of Roman activity, the town as we know it now had its origin during the Arab period, when it was called Guaro El Viejo.
In 1485, it was conquered by Christians, and, only in 1614, Guaro received the denomination of town.
Guaro has a population of 2,228. It belongs to the Valle de Guadalhorce comarca and is 44 kilometres from Málaga and 20 kilometres from Marbella.

Guaro was granted township in 1614 by order of King Philip IV. On the twentyeigth of September 1648, the king made Don Juan Chumacero Sotomayor and Carrillo the Count of Guaro, Judge of the Royal Chancery of Granada and Knight of Santiago - a title that still exists today.
Almost every month, there is a fiesta in Guaro - Día del Almendro, Belén Viviente, Cabalgata de Reyes, Carnaval, Semana Santa, Festival de Gastronomía, Romería de San Isidro, Feria de Guaro, Las Mayordomas, Festival de la Luna Flamenca, Auditorio de la Luna Mora.
Guaro is a very well kept, traditional Spanish white village that not only has everything you need for a relaxing, enjoyable holiday but is also conveniently situated less than an hour from both the coast and Malaga airport.
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