Yunquera - gateway to Serranía de Ronda - National Park Malaga

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Spectacular views
on the road to Ronda

Located in the northern area of the Sierra de la Nieves National Park and is around 600 meters above sea level. El Burgo is an excellent destination for lovers of nature, with superb hiking, climbing and caving opportunities.
Escudo de El Burgo
El Calvario is located on a promontory at the entrance of the town andconstitutes the last station of the Via Crucis of Monda's Holy Week, when the processional steps of the Crucified Christ and the Virgin Mary are carried to this place by candlelight.
Acequia del Molino is a rural walk that runs along the banks of the Turón Riverbelow the old fortress - El Castillo Miraflores. There is a conduit excavatedinside the rock - created at the time of medieval conquest - that connects this part of the river with the highest part of ​​the town.
Within the municipality of El Burgo, there is the Mirador Cuenca del Río Turón - the Guardia Forestal - which was declared a Natural Monument of Andalucía in 2011.
Monument to Long Steps or Pasos Largos -who owes his nickname to his father's peculiar way of walking- is one of the illustrious characters of the municipality,notoriously considered to be the last Andalusian bandit.
The Church of San Agustín was built between 1950 and 1952.The parish priest at that time, supported by neighbours,decided to build the church on land then occupied bytwo houses, those of Doña Remedios Chicón and "Los Crespos".
El Burgo is a very well kept, traditional Spanish white village that not only has everything you need for a relaxing, enjoyable holiday and is  situated about ninety minutes from the coast and Malaga airport.
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